Whenever we see a rainbow we actually only see half of what’s there. This is because of our location on the planet, the second half of a rainbow gets cut off by the horizon. Since water droplets are round it reflects light in a circular way, the only way to experience this is by raising your point of view or creating rain underneath you. This explains why some people experience circular rainbows when there in an aeroplane.

I wanted to recreate this simple natural phenomenon and make an attempt to connect people through this experience. This has resulted in a huge circular hoop, that makes a misty cloud in which you can stand and witness a full circular rainbow take place on the edge of your field of view.

The Circular Rainbow machine became quite a technical object. In order for it to be used in many locations, the hoop consists of 7 stainless steel elements for easy transport that can be bolted together at any location. The machine works on the standard water pressure of 1 bar and uses about 10 litres of (filtered rain or lake) water per minute. 

stainless steel, rubber and brass

W 3600mm x D 400mm x H 3600mm