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I was commissioned by t’Raboes in The Netherlands to design a new solution for the old play area. After spending a couple of weekends in and around the harbour I realised this place didn’t need innovation, it worked perfectly as it was. However the swings could do with an upgrade, a new inclusive version. Why do we stop playing when we grow up?

This led to the Serious Swing, I like to compare it with an olympic swimming pool. You can swim perfectly fine in any swimming pool, but an Olympic pool somehow swims a little better. This is due to a rigorous attention to detail, durability and the right relations between the dimensions that matter.

The success of the Serious Swing at t’Raboes lead to the intrest of Weltevree and together we developed a commercial version now part of their outdoor collection.



W 4750 x D 1900 x H 3080


Photography by