The making process of this particular piece took place in Somerset (UK). In a Nissan hut, close to an old watermill. Together with a dozen other design students, we retreaded there for two weeks.

I like to communicate and spark debate about our current living environment, using objects that we can identify ourselves with. Parkbench Bubble is part of an ongoing investigation in topics like privacy, public space, essentialism, and the made environment. With the takedown of the RCA degree show, there are always loads of good materials up for grabs. This together with a beautiful place with inspiring people gave me the chance to materialise this thought about a semi-public cell that contains all present life essentials; A USB charger and a form of protection against the elements.

Making for me is like second nature. I like to make fast, one to one models. Once these objects are shaped they communicate back. When a certain angle is not right, it doesn’t feel good so it needs adjusting. I combined known and existing materials and techniques ranging from cabinet construction, woodworking, inflatable, sewing, and DIY electrics. I consider this a prototype of thought, and by doing so I propose a visualisation of what I experience around me.

Ripstop nylon, pine, solar panel, 12v computer van, battery

W 2000mm x D 1150mm x H 1650mm


Photography by Namuun Zimmermann