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Commissioned in 2016 by Dutch product label Weltevree I wrote myself the brief to document my life living on an English canal boat, off the grid, and self- sustaining myself with solar panels and a simple lifestyle.
The aim was to design a collection of objects that represents this choice in life and offer solutions for the problems that I encounter. The project was coined 'Designer in the Field' and lead to several magazines defined by seasons and a collection of prototypes; a stool that also functions as a basked, powder coated and made from wire steel. A series of Valcromat lockable chests to store things and offer organisation. A triangular table utilising maximum space in a small living environment And an accumulating blanked able to absorb and store heat from a heat source to use at a later moment.
In 2017 I continued the development of the stool into what is now called the Carrier. Working closely with Weltevree and Ecopixel we managed to launch the Carrier at the end of 2018 and is now commercially available.
The Carrier invites the user to carry it along thanks to the integrated handle. It consists of a steel frame and a container made of highly sustainable ECOPIXEL. You can pull the container out of the frame to fill it with belongings or twist open the lid of the container to store small belongings inside. It can be used in- and outdoors thanks to the weatherproof materials. It serves as an extra storage space or seat at any location.

Ecopixel, Steel

 B 380mm x D 335mm x H 470mm


Images © Weltevree