Push, is a do it yourself, low tech solution changing the way we use buttons in public space.
Feeling useless and restless in lockdown, but with access to the workshop I set out to build a simple device that would prevent touching the same place as everyone else. Theoretically adding to the arsenal of things we can do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
Although lockdown eases in some places, life and the use of public space won’t be the same for the foreseeable future. Until a form of herd immunity is in place we have to change the way we interact with our surroundings, especially in places where lots of people gather. Push activates the small button by hitting the large lever, this can be done with your knee, elbow, walking stick, or hip. Due to the difference in balancing it resets itself ready for the next pedestrian.
Made with what I had available in the studio; an angle grinder, a welder, and some leftover 3mm mild steel sheets. This is a simple device easily manufactured at large or in small DIY making hubs. Push is specifically designed for the UK traffic light buttons, however, it could easily be adapted for other public buttons as well.

Corten steel, stainless steel

W 120mm x D 190mm x H 240mm


Images © Studio Thor