Avalable at Opendesk and openly shared by me under the CC-BY-NC 4.0  licence. Download the files for free below.  If you want to do something in return please consider a donation to Trees for City’s. 

In 2017 I was invited by Opendesk to respond on a brief titled 'The Future of the Workspace'. Opendesk is an online marketplace that hosts independently designed furniture and connects its customers to local makers around the world. Rather than mass manufacturing and shipping worldwide, they are building a distributed and ethical supply chain through a global maker network.
The Bundle Desk is a new take on the traditional trestle. Two trestles are all you need to make a desk, no matter where you work from or what the future will bring us we will always need a desk. Incredibly simple to take apart, store away, or even set up outside on a sunny day the Bundle Desk is ideal for those who desire more flexibility and mobility from their workstation.
The design of the trestle is inspired by Japanese joinery techniques and consists of 5 pieces held together by clever slots and compression fittings. Multiple Bundle Desks can be positioned side-by-side or back-to-back in any formation to create larger work areas allowing users to move seamlessly between collaborative and private working.  

Free file:                  DXF 850 or DXF 700


L 1700mm x D 850mm x H 750mm


Images © Opendesk