In collaboration with Adam Blencowe

The Square Peg study is a private study centered around a system of flexible shelving to accommodate a growing collection of books. Working with a palette of brass and Douglas Fir, the timber wall panels are perforated with 3 alternative shapes, so creating a decorative grid pattern. This is the foundation that allows for an almost infinite variation of shelving length and depth. Brass rods inserted into the holes both support timber shelves, and provide bookends. By doing this, interesting irregularities interrupt the grid and give a richness and spontaneity to the design. Plugs, light fittings, and switches are incorporated into the design by enlarging the openings and so integrating them into the whole. To complete the space a desk and day bed were fabricated with the same brass rods and Douglas Fir.

Birch ply, Douglas fir, Brass.

Dimensions per sheet :
W 1200mm x D 320mm x H 2200mm


Photography by Tom Parker